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  • Production process control

    Feed inspection control
    To ensure that the production process is under control, all of our incoming materials include: sheet, hardware, ceramics, countertops,
    Procurement of paints, etc.; ensure that post-process operations such as production, installation, and service are normal, and record diagnostics and monitoring.

    Process (semi-finished product) control
    Process process We are divided into woodworking, drying room, grinding, painting several links control.

    Finished product shipment control
    From the processing of semi-finished products to the finished product, we have four inspection inspections, painting, finished product installation, packaging, and storage.
    The link is the most critical, strict control, record diagnosis and monitoring at any time.

    data analysis
    To ensure the quality of Aloni products, we record and analyze diagnostic, monitoring and market feedback information in days, weeks and months.
    Timely solve the problem of quality hazards and ultimately ensure the excellent output products.