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  • 1. Electrostatic coating process:
    Alonni original A-EPS electrostatic coating process:
    1. Strong magnetic force, small coating particles and improved penetration;
    2. The coating structure is more encrypted after painting, and the force is stronger;
    3. good transparency, the product feels more fine, warm and jade, In the yellowing resistance, it is even better.
    Summary: the use of paint coating process to ensure product quality, production The effect of the product is more delicate, more layered, don't worry The product will change color after being used for a long time.

    2. manual gold painting process:
    The gold-drawing process refers to the use of pens to draw gold and silver:
    1.since the dry paint gold, with gold, silver painting process to adjust a gold wire;
    2. hand drawing, the powder used to transfer glue, outline drawing pen;
    3. After the natural drying, the lines of the gold powder do not change color all the year round.

    Summary: Using the hand-painting process, gold foil is drawn on the basis of hand-carved Or silver foil, the product is vivid and enhances the value of the product.

    3. Open paint process:
    Alonni is the first in the industry to adopt advanced open paint processes:
    1. The design of painting technology is very high, and it takes a full eight painting process;
    2. hand-wiping, fully guarantee the original texture display of wood;
    3. Restore the beauty of the color and texture of the wood itself.

    4. American painting process:
    Alonni upgrades the American home painting process:
    1. The first oil-based coloring process in the first industry, 3 base colors, 1 closed oil, 4 colors, 1 oil, to achieve the perfect combination of process and effect;
    2. can make the product in the light conditions and observation angles that do not return, the color is not returned, and the home environment is perfectly coordinated.

    5.carving process:
    Alonni bathroom cabinets are hand-carved
    Styling carving:
    1. Hand-carved Dongyang woodcarving craft with thousands of years of history, Chinese cultural heritage, and known as the "treasure of the country";
    2.multi-level 3D relief, extraordinary craft;
    3. the carved shape is full of activity, with a strong European culture.

    Summary: Using traditional hand-engraving techniques, avoiding carving like a machine The products are so rigid, the skilled craftsmanship of the craftsman makes the carved products flexible and vivid, and truly achieves the perfect combination of skill and culture, so that every product becomes a work of art.

    6. tenon process:
    The cabinet door structure and frame of the Aloni bathroom cabinet adopt the classic tenon structure process:
    1. Assemble the entire structure together without using nails;
    2. Due to its special process principle, the firmness of the structure is greatly enhanced, and there is no post-deformation phenomenon;
    3. the overall structure in one go, and its aesthetics is greatly improved.