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    • Original master Stick to original design, Received multiple awards
    • Private custom Tailored to the customer, Custom bathroom cabinet
    • Log treasure Featured Global AAA High quality wood
    • Woodcarving Dongyang woodcarving Hua Xia essence
    • 100 processes More than 100 processes Product excellence
    • Natural marble Natural texture,full of Luxury personality
    • Huarun paint Huarun paint, 9 layers Waterproof treatment
    • Quality accessories Blum hinge rail, 300,000 Silent opening and closing
    • High quality marble, natural Texture, full of personality! Marble advantages: Waterproof, antifouling,No cracking, higher brightness, more beautiful!

      Alonni provides you with A+ services:
      1. Consultant reception service
      2. Free home measurement
      3. Free bathroom space design
      4. Free shipping to home and installation
      5. Free once cabinet repair and maintenance
      6. Lifetime membership, product lifelong service