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Brewed Shanghai Exhibition Design

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From Italy's famous industrial designer Joan Miro carry the tripod, the luxury and art into a bathroom cabinet design. An aristocratic lifestyle from Europe once again presented a bustling bloom contains a profound cultural background, when modern classical encounter, honorable life is leisurely open ......

This is Allogny bathroom cabinet noble spirit advocated by the quality of life. Since 2015 Allogny horn sounded to upgrade the brand since quality and distinguished brand symbol will be further strengthened. As brand promotion for the first time after meeting with the public, Allogny bathroom cabinets containing landed 2015 Shanghai Kitchen & Bath Show, the comprehensive interpretation of the spirit of nobility brand temperament.

Around Allogny brand culture, the distinctive design of the pavilion is also engaged in an orderly, Xiao Bian announced in advance together with your story Allogny Shanghai Kitchen & Bath Show designed and behind.

The pavilion designed by the Guangdong Fung products company full of creative design, brand and cultural foundation to uphold Allogny quality and distinguished, in order to reflect the product to bring distinguished experience of home life, the abundance of a product design team each bathroom cabinet into the overall design of the pavilion, and give spiritual life that reaches people, products, the perfect combination of space, so that every detail of the presentation space are self-expression of inner attitude to life.

To demonstrate Allogny high-end brand image and product quality, the overall use of the pavilion in black and brown in color. A combination of black and brown are common colors classical style, solemn, classical atmosphere highlights the Allogny elegant bathroom cabinet products temperament.

The layout of the whole space, Allogny not seek to maximize product display, but rather focus on building interactive communication between man and product. The overall use of annular design, plus tetragonal symmetry of products on display and open to maximize the show to get people to experience each product. It also shows the Allogny apartment will be open and tolerant attitude to welcome the arrival of each guest, to meet and to create a high quality of life.

The design team to discuss preliminary program

Repeated scrutiny program

Design drawings

Final image rendering

Everybody wants high quality, distinguished quality of life! What is honorable life? Allogny bathroom cabinet hoping to bring you a new experience, so honorable life become your fingertips.

Allogny bathroom cabinet cordially invite you to attend the 2015 Shanghai Exhibition kitchen, bathroom cabinets come Allogny museum, together tasting Pierre witness classic!

Time: Year 2015 6 3 - 6 June

Address: Shanghai New International Expo Centre (China Longyang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai 2345)

Booth: E4C23

Allogny bathroom cabinets, look forward to your visit!

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